The Future of Packaging: Panel 4

Advances in packaging technology are reshaping the packaging value chain, packaging production and engagement with branded products. And the need for this innovation has only increased as the pandemic drives consumers online to shop. In this panel, we’ll look at how this trend has prompted manufacturers to search for higher-performance ecommerce packaging solutions that can protect products from rigorous last-mile conditions.


  • Adam Page, Global Director, Research and Reports, Smithers


  • Phil Bourgeois, Senior Vice President of Global Technology, Tekni-Plex
  • Carl Joachim, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, ePac
  • Howard Manning, Vice President, Global Product Development & Launch, Rieke
  • Paolo Ferrari, Group CMO and M&A Director, Guala Closures


  • Amanda Davis Winters, Managing Director, L.E.K. Consulting

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