The UK equity release market has expanded rapidly, reaching heights that would have been inconceivable only five years ago. But recent volume growth has only just exceeded the level reached in the 2003 bubble, which stagnated and then deflated following the financial crisis.

Current and potential participants and investors have questioned whether the market is on the cusp of an exciting new paradigm or if the current momentum in equity release will see a repeat of 2003 or even go into reverse.

L.E.K. Consulting believes that the drivers behind the dynamism of today’s market are here to stay, providing significant opportunities for existing players and attracting new entrants. In this Executive Insights, London Partners Pete Ward and Eilert Hinrichs review the development of the UK equity release market and explain the macro trends that show that the sector is set for sustained growth. Their report highlights the key considerations for distributors, lenders, funders and equity investors to take advantage of the opportunity.

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