Background and challenge 

A data services provider to professional services firms engaged L.E.K. to determine the optimal pricing and bundling strategy for new feature enhancements to its software. 

Prior to the release of this major new update, the client wanted to gain a better understanding of customer willingness to pay based on customer needs/preferences and capture additional revenue opportunities. 


  • Conducted an extensive assessment of the client’s customer data and evaluated the impact of prior price changes and introductions of new features/enhancements across various customer segments   

  • Led in-depth customer interviews to evaluate purchasing dynamics, such as key selection criteria and purchase process, across customer segments  

  • Designed a conjoint analysis to assess perceived customer value for key features, which was triangulated with Van Westendorp price elasticity analysis, and developed a robust understanding of value and demand curves for the expected product; in addition, utilized TURF (total unduplicated reach and frequency) analysis to inform prioritization of key elements of the data for new features  

  •  Evaluated estimated purchase rates based on customer survey feedback to develop various packaging models and assessed levels of price premiums that can be applied across customer segments to maximize annual contract value (ACV) 

  • Assessed potential for developing new flexible payment methods to accommodate customers’ budgetary needs and reduce friction in the purchase process with the goal of maximizing adoption 

  • Developed financial projections to estimate overall revenue impact over time based on new product roll outs and release of upgrades/enhancements 


  • L.E.K.’s work helped the client set the optimal upsell price by customer segment and prioritize the roll-out of the new features across various data solution offerings  

  • The client also developed a robust understanding of potential revenue uplift from the release of new features, which informed internal resource prioritization and structuring of incentives 

  • The sales performance of the upgrade has exceeded the forecast range in each customer segment, and customers have clearly embraced the new feature set more than in prior product launches

Learning Management Systems Provider Projects 35% Annual Revenue Increase With Optimized Pricing
abstract LMS image
Our strategic pricing recommendations enabled a learning management systems provider to drive an estimated annual revenue uplift of approximately 35%.

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