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This joint strategic outlook by the World Economic Forum and L.E.K. Consulting aims to unite stakeholders across different sectors, industries and geographies to develop and achieve a shared vision for health and healthcare by 2035. 

The COVID-19 pandemic created health, economic, political and environmental challenges while exposing global disparities caused by income, age, race, sex and geography, but it also allowed for innovation in science and in medicine development, distribution and delivery. 

We have now reached an opportune time to reflect and embed positive changes from the pandemic response into our global health and healthcare systems moving forward. 

  • What is the vision for health and healthcare by 2035? 
  • What are the key issues and barriers to face? 
  • What are the solutions to address these issues? 

Adrienne Rivlin and Nivedita Sen will provide their insights while exploring these topics..

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Interested in learning more? Read the full Special Report, Global Health and Healthcare Strategic Outlook: A Shared Vision for 2035.

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