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In this episode of “Insight Exchange,” we explore the crucial role of Scope 3 emissions reduction in the pharmaceutical industry. Listen to L.E.K. Consulting experts Verena Ahnert and Max Cambras, who share their insights on the significance of Scope 3 emissions, the current state of commitments in pharma and how emissions reduction is both a strategic consideration and mutually beneficial to both pharma and the environment.

Key points/topics covered:

  • Explanation of Scope 3 emissions and their importance in pharma
  • The current state of Scope 3 commitments in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Key drivers of Scope 3 emissions in pharma
  • The strategic co-benefits of Scope 3 emissions reduction in the pharmaceutical industry
  • The path to achieving strategic co-benefits through emissions reduction in pharma

Tune in for a deep dive into a pressing environmental issue that’s reshaping the pharma industry’s strategies and operations.

Interested in learning more? Read our Special Report, Scope 3 Emissions: A Strategic Imperative for Pharma Companies.

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