Welcome to Look Forward, L.E.K. Consulting’s annual analysis of the challenges and opportunities in the year ahead. In this arresting infographic, L.E.K. partner Adrienne Rivlin reveals the stark cost of mental health issues and looks at an exciting new treatment. 

Our latest analysis of the growing issue of poor mental health makes for compelling reading. With the cost in lost productivity top the world economy already hitting $2.5 trillion annually, and projected to more than double by the close of the decade, the need to rethink the patient journey has never been more pressing. From smarter processes to new psychedelic therapies – technology holds the key to better mental health. For more information, download our analysis




Look Forward 2024


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The Psychedelic Revolution
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Watch, read and listen to L.E.K.’s Adrienne Rivlin’s latest thinking on psychedelics.

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