What will the transition to a Trump administration mean for the healthcare industry’s key constituents? While experts of all stripes are asserting predictions, they are typically long on speculation and short on evidence.

At this stage, there are still far more unknowns than knowns. How much of the GOP healthcare agenda will the Trump administration adopt? What will be the openness to traditionally powerful lobbying groups, such as the AHA, AMA, AHIP and Big Pharma? Most important, what will be the focus and cadence of change efforts to come?

In a moment of political uncertainty, it is most useful to know which issues and stakeholder “tensions” to watch closely. In this Executive Insights, we:

  • Evaluate the current state of play as Trump assumes the presidency
  • Discuss a framework for monitoring and interpreting possible executive and legislative actions
  • Share six specific tensions that we believe will drive the near-term evolution of U.S. healthcare reform
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