For retailers, customer excellence requires constant evaluation and improvement. L.E.K. Consulting has developed a proprietary framework that assesses how well a retailer’s brand connects with its core customers. Called the B.U.Y. Index, the framework examines retailer performance in three critical components of customer experience:

  • Browsability: How easy is it to navigate the store, find what you want, determine the price, and try on or sample products?
  • Utility: Was it easy to find and get help from employees? Was checkout straightforward? Were the products you wanted in stock?
  • Yearning: Does the store appeal to you on an emotional level and leave you wanting to return? Did you buy some-thing on impulse?

Unlike other performance measurement systems, the B.U.Y. Index can explain why a particular retailer scores well or poorly in each component, offering diagnostic information about how to correct the problem.

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