Amazon is a $77 billion global behemoth that offers nearly every product imaginable and is growing stronger every day. But is what’s good for Amazon good for consumer products brands? For most companies, the short answer is yes because the potential rewards are enormous. However, the risks of partnering with the e-tail giant can be substantial, too.

In this Executive Insights, L.E.K. Consulting suggests a digital strategy to address Amazon head-on, which is more important than ever as online retail sales are expected to continue double-digit growth through 2018. Managing Director Jon Weber and Principal Chris Randall cover:

  • Which questions should consumer brands focus on regarding their own digital commerce strategy/li>
  • The challenges that might come with an Amazon partnership, including price scraping, channel conflict and brand dilution
  • Insights on different, yet effective ways to engage Amazon depending on sector, brands and products

Learn when it is advantageous to engage in a traditional wholesale relationship, operate as a branded seller and participate in Amazon Marketplace, all of which are essential to making this online giant a powerful ally instead of a frightening foe.

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