Americans can be found going to yoga studios, doing P90X in their living rooms or racing with friends in a Tough Mudder. Current data suggests that though we see the U.S. population becoming more active and embracing wearable technology, obesity rates have reached record highs — with 35% of adult Americans now considered obese.

Does this mean that the “fitness craze” is just a fad? Should retail and consumer products companies steer clear of the active lifestyle category? Or are there pockets of growth worth pursuing? Our analysis concludes that the active lifestyle is hardly uniform, and companies looking to capitalize on growth opportunities should focus on five strategies:

  1. Focus on the underserved
  2. Find the aspirational
  3. Explore opportunities on the periphery of emerging activities
  4. Cater to a specific consumer microsegment (and then look for opportunities to broaden)
  5. Bring new expertise to an existing player

In this Executive Insights, we take a deeper look at the state of U.S. active lifestyle and present ways you can design and implement a creative approach to win in this growing market.

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