Background and challenge

The client, a leading national provider of residential and commercial garage door repair and replacement services, sought an assessment of its market positioning and growth opportunities as it prepares for sale. Specifically, the client was interested in evaluating whether its digital capabilities were differentiated relative to competing providers and wanted to understand which geographies to expand to next.

L.E.K. Consulting was tasked with developing a comprehensive study assessing the client’s performance across digital capabilities and touchpoints throughout the customer lifecycle and journey. Additionally, L.E.K. leveraged advanced analytical techniques to uncover new geographies for the client to expand to.


To help our client answer these important questions, L.E.K. conducted extensive research and analysis, during which we:

  • Sized and segmented the market for residential and commercial garage door services

  • Examined market growth drivers and trends, inclusive of spend evolution as customers shift to more expensive, digitally connected doors; market cyclicality; and the potential impact of recessionary cycles 

  • Assessed the client’s digital marketing performance and efficiency, uncovering its approximately 20% lower cost basis per qualified lead and roughly 75% higher share of organic traffic relative to other scaled competitors, which had helped fuel historical growth at about 3x the market rate

  • Developed an interactive dashboard ranking new MSAs for expansion based on identifying the underlying attributes that correlate with the client’s highest-performance markets, driving confidence in expansion to an additional roughly $4B+ in market opportunity

  • Highlighted potential opportunities to invest in incremental digital tools to drive a superior customer experience, including a digital self-service scheduling widget and the automation of customer review solicitation


L.E.K. provided our client with an in-depth report, offering invaluable insights on the digital market performance and capabilities of the client relative to its core competitive set. These insights enabled the client to better articulate its value proposition and points of differentiation as it prepares for sale, and to lay out a clear roadmap for continued high growth in a competitive market, informed by measurable data as well as qualitative customer feedback and L.E.K. observations. 

These high-impact insights from the L.E.K. team helped our client and other key stakeholders navigate the sale process with confidence.

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The authors would like to acknowledge L.E.K.'s Digital Practice member Ryan Moore for his support and effort in this case.

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