Background and Challenge

L.E.K.'s client, a leading rigid packaging company, experienced a significant decline in its business during the recession. As a result, it made significant reductions in the sales force and other supporting areas. As the markets began to recover, our client found its sales growth lagging behind that of its competitors.

Approach and Recommendations

We conducted a detailed and objective evaluation of the company’s sales function by leveraging internal experience, knowledge of best practices and industry benchmarks. We worked with the management team to identify strengths and gaps in the performance of its sales force, processes and related support areas. We performed a series of deep dives on a prioritized set of opportunities to validate their potential impact, while building internal consensus. Finally, we developed a detailed implementation plan to support execution and realization of the benefits.


We delivered a customized plan to increase sales representative selling time, improve win rates, and ultimately drive sustainable sales force improvements. Internal coordination between sales and key support functions such as operations, finance, and information technology was greatly improved. Sales management strengthened as sales incentive plans were realigned, performance metrics and reporting visibility improved and CRM systems were updated. As a result of our recommendations, our client successfully increased sales growth and won significant new business while improving retention of existing business. 

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