Background and Challenge

A leading worldwide supplier of roofing solutions wanted to improve the performance of its clay tile division sales force and decided to launch a project dedicated to achieving this objective.

This client provided a variety of roofing products and services including concrete, clay and metal products; chimneys; and ventilation systems.
Approach and Recommendations

During the first phase of its engagement, L.E.K. developed and implemented a sales and marketing effectiveness program for the clay business that addressed the following key issues for the client:

  • Potential for clay tile product sales growth through improving sales and marketing efforts
  • Optimal design of a new sales and marketing paradigm for this market
  • Structure of the sales force incentive system in order to achieve optimal results

During the rollout phase, we continued to work closely with the client to consolidate the pilot results and roll out the program by:

  • Sharing a new commercial paradigm and related processes and procedures with the other area managers and sales representatives, through one-to-one meetings
  • Developing and implementing a monthly reporting process for both performance and commercial activities of the sales representatives and area managers
  • Supporting the change in management processes and enhancing the client’s momentum


  • Through an intense interaction with the client’s sales organization, we designed and launched a new sales and marketing paradigm through the implementation of a pilot project involving seven sales representatives
  • Given that the first sales results were encouraging, the client decided to implement the rollout phase in a new project
  • The client received deep analysis of key clients and competitors (which included a definition of the market potential of the area), which supported the design of a standard account plan to be implemented by each sales representative
  • We identified KPIs and created an incentive system to encourage, monitor and reward sales force performance
  • We helped define a shelf of marketing initiatives (gadgets, visits to plants, trip awards, outbound marketing, promoters)
  • During the rollout phase, all the sales representatives adopted the new approach to the planning activity, and the reporting process has become a company best practice

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