Background and Challenge

L.E.K. Consulting was engaged to support our client, a global scientific tools company, with the merger of a competitor. The target company was a formidable player in several of our client’s market segments and had a strong reputation among its customers.  In addition, the target company operated in several overlapping geographies as well as a number of new geographic areas.  Substantial revenue and cost savings synergy opportunities were estimated across the companies. Complicating the merger were different company cultures and a strong desire to preserve the target’s DNA which contributed to its success.

Approach and Recommendations

We supported the development of detailed post-merger integration plans for the pre-close period and for several months following the close. We established the integration management office (IMO), which included developing a tracking system to monitor milestones/ risks/interdependencies for synergy capture and integration activities. We provided dedicated support to several functional integration teams including: sales, service, marketing, product management, operations, sourcing, human resources, information technology, finance, legal and real estate. Across teams, we helped develop and implement integration plans and conducted integration-related analysis.

The deal was positioned to primarily capture revenue synergies, so the key focus of the integration was to enable the commercial teams to capitalize on the combined product portfolio and sales channels. Particular risks included the integration of sales forces and the reorganization of the marketing group to support the combined company and development of a combined company product portfolio roadmap. We worked with the sales leads in developing and executing plans to build an integrated sales force, including a lead exchange program, sales representative training and channel partner utilization. We worked with the marketing leads to develop an interim and end-state vision for the marketing organization which would best support the combined company.


The integration was efficient and achieved our client’s synergy goals. We provided critical support to the commercial organization so that the combined product portfolio could be sold from day one. Our client was well prepared for a successful day one transition. Town hall meetings and employee communications were well-received and helped establish a sense of unity across the combined company. A talent retention program was in place for day one and, to-date, there have been no significant unplanned departures. As we transitioned, we helped our client build a foundation of integration management to support ongoing integration work.

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