In the summer of 2013/14 I had the privilege of being a Summer Associate in L.E.K.’s Melbourne office, and after a great experience at the firm I returned in 2015 as a full-time Associate. With L.E.K. Australia now hiring a new cohort of Summer Associates in the Sydney and Melbourne offices, I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to share some highlights from my time as a Summer Associate.


Prior to working at L.E.K., I was a Civil Engineering and Commerce student at the University of Auckland. I had completed a few engineering internships but I was keen to try something new. I applied to L.E.K. not knowing much about strategy consulting. Upon reflection, it was one of the best decisions I could have made.


As a Summer Associate, I was fortunate enough to work on 3 projects, each focusing on different industries (fuel retailing, building supplies and airports). Having never worked in any of these sectors, I was faced with a steep learning curve, and each day I was challenged by different problems. I had to learn to approach things from different angles, in search of a solution. By the end of the internship my personal development had surpassed all of my expectations.


From a non-case perspective, the culture in the firm is second to none. I came from New Zealand without knowing many people in Melbourne and was immediately welcomed into the L.E.K. culture, forging some lasting friendships. In the time I was at the firm, I was invited to a range of social events including a trip for tennis and the Christmas Party at Melbourne Zoo.


For some people, management consulting is a profession that you have heard plenty about and for others (like me in 2013), this job is a complete mystery. Either way, being a Summer Associate at L.E.K. will offer you a great introduction into the world of strategy consulting. From Mergers and Acquisitions and market pricing strategy to corporate growth projects, it is important to amass as much knowledge as you can during the short time. You will be given the opportunity to work on intriguing strategic business problems, work with an extremely talented group of people and most importantly have fun.