As I sit at my desk reflecting on my internship, I still can’t believe how fast the summer flew by and how fantastic my internship experience was. Although I did quite a lot of research during recruiting season and had a good idea of what the job would be like, L.E.K. managed to exceed many of my expectations and I now feel like I have learned so much more about life at L.E.K., and consulting in general. Having chosen consulting for the learning and development opportunities it afforded, I was pleasantly surprised by how well L.E.K. delivered on that promise.


It was clear from the onset that L.E.K. was dedicated to our development. The summer kicked off with a week of training at Cape Cod, the well-structured program gave a thorough overview of the consultant role and the resources available to us. The evenings were filled with fun/competitive social activities, culminating in a lobster bake and bonfire on our last night. Our group left energized and prepared for the weeks ahead. 


Once in the New York office, I was constantly amazed at how incredibly smart and supportive the people were, and how much everyone was willing to take time out of their extremely busy schedules to coach newcomers. Getting up to speed on a new company or industry every few weeks can be challenging, especially coming in with no previous consulting experience, but with the support and guidance of my case team (and those who just happened to be in nearby cubicles) I was able to hit the ground running and contribute from day one. My advice for future interns? First, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Second, spend some time observing the tenured members of your case team, learn best practices and adapt to suit your own style or personality.


I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my summer. L.E.K. has helped me grow personally and professionally in just a few months, and I’m excited to experience what a full-time career has to offer!