Our Melbourne swap was incredible as we worked on a great range of projects in a fantastic new city. From a pricing strategy for a clothing retailer, to a strategy re-think for a Tier2 bank, the Melbourne office infused our minds with knowledge in a number of industries. Will even further developed his understanding of cow bile collection – knowledge which will surely come in handy throughout his career. As others have found, there are many small differences between offices but the similarities are overwhelming. It’s pretty cool to turn up at an office on the other side of the world and get straight to work on a case.

Needless to say many fond memories of Melbourne will stay with us. Just as in London, it is the people who make L.E.K. a great place to work. In Melbourne, the local L.E.K’ers were very friendly in the office as well as at weekends with frequent brunches, watching footie together and even a couple of quick ski trips. There was an incredible offsite trip to Hayman Island in the Whitsundays for both Australian offices, which was sort of like the London Office summer party but included snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef.

We highly recommend and greatly encourage Melbourne as a swap destination! Thanks to all who made it possible and to the Partner group for their support of the programme.