I first joined L.E.K. as an associate in the Chicago office. After three years, L.E.K. sponsored me to attend Harvard Business School, and I then re-joined the firm’s Boston office as a consultant following receipt of my MBA. I’m now a manager in our London office.


Looking back, there are three themes which have remained common throughout my time at the firm, and across the offices where I’ve been lucky enough to work:

  • Firstly, I couldn’t ask for a more motivated group of colleagues and clients. With a focus on delivering quick, insightful and actionable solutions, L.E.K. attracts people who are able to learn quickly and adapt constantly. Our clients are demanding but also understand the need to work collaboratively to ensure real results. I enjoy the internal team debates rooted in data, and client discussions which draw more broadly upon everyone’s experiences – then I get to bring both perspectives together into a cohesive, logical answer. My role in this process has evolved over time, but it’s exciting and engaging from every vantage point.
  • I’ve also been thrilled to work on challenging and meaningful projects. The cases I’ve worked on have helped clients decide why they should change their strategic market positioning, where they should expand, how they can improve their customer experience to become differentiated and more profitable, when they should make a certain competitive move, whether they should merge or acquire, and so much more. It’s fascinating to see the results of these changes come to life in real time – across an industry, in our clients’ stores or on their airplanes, in their stock price, and on the pages of a newspaper.
  • Finally, our work is truly global, and I’ve had the chance to learn about businesses around the world. These opportunities have taken several forms – for instance, working on-site with clients in Asia and the U.S., collaborating with colleagues from Australia and Poland, conducting client workshops in India and Brazil, and temporarily transferring to London to serve clients across Europe. Admittedly, I travel more than many of my colleagues, but that’s a personal choice driven by my love of exploring new places – all that business travel is still just a fraction of my leisure trips.

No two people at L.E.K. follow the same career path, and my experiences are a result of my individual interests. However, the factors above have been remarkably consistent throughout the dozens of cases I’ve worked on, and I believe they will only strengthen as L.E.K. continues its strong growth and global expansion, and remains dedicated to its mission of solving the toughest and most critical business problems.