L.E.K. mentors teams from the Imperial Consulting Group who are doing student-led consulting projects, helping them run their projects like we would run them.

Erik Forman: Being a project mentor for one of the ICG teams was certainly an interesting and enjoyable experience. My team had initially been briefed with understanding both HR consulting and life-coaching services in the UK, and recommending a market entry strategy for a former HR professional looking to start her own company. Impressed by how unfazed they were by the breadth of the scope for a four week process, I asked them to walk me through the list of questions they were answering and their plan of attack, making recommendations on how to tackle issues as they arose. They came a long way over the four weeks and produced a decent set of recommendations for their client. The team were really bright and asked good questions, not only about their project but also about L.E.K…I thoroughly enjoyed the process and recommend getting involved in the mentoring programme.

James Wyse: I was asked to help a group of Imperial College students who had been tasked with helping a bio-tech business commercialise their product for the clothing and textiles industry. They started without knowing how to get their project going, and I started without knowing what their product did. Over three sessions, we figured out how to plan and structure the project and how to put everything down on paper for the client – and, of course, some L.E.K. research tips and tricks. The team seemed to get a lot out of the sessions and, for me, it was great to mentor a group of enthusiastic students who were curious about getting into consulting, as well as how to run a project for a start-up, rather than an established business.