My swap to Shanghai was a fantastic experience. I was warmly welcomed to a smaller office, with more of a ‘family' feel to it, blending the Western working style with local L.E.K. qualities. It was a great opportunity to experience working in a different setting.

My work involved looking at the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, investigating the domestic market for water purifiers, and evaluating the potential for Western desserts in China. As a smaller office, Shanghai accelerates the skill development and gives plenty of opportunities to embrace more senior roles, to the point of virtually running the case as an Associate Consultant. It is also a great opportunity to have a more detailed look into the fascinating Chinese economy.

Outside the working hours, Shanghai offers fantastic food, a vibrant social scene for expats and a chance to experience Chinese culture in an international setting. I also spent a considerable time travelling, exploring the Avatar Mountains, heritage of China’s sacred mountains and the incredible cultural heritage of Yunnan.

I can’t recommend L.E.K.’s swap program highly enough as a personal and professional experience.