To the future L.E.K. interns:


Like many of you preparing for a career in consulting, I spent several months speaking with friends in the field, getting ready for interviews, and trying to understand what exactly consulting entailed. Because of this arduous process of preparation, I found many aspects of my internship experience as expected; however, as with anything you try for the first time, there were many things about my experience that surprised me, no matter how much I prepared for it.

  1. The sheer exposure to different industries, job functions, and project types through diverse and short-length cases (I saw 3 different projects touching 6 industries across 8 weeks).
  2. The exposure to many team environments and management styles since every case has a different team and different management.
  3. The scrappy mentality and surprisingly cohesive teaming mindset as teams are thrown together quickly and projects are “all hands on deck.”
  4. The collegiate and collaborative atmosphere as everyone on the team is always looking to learn from each other and your superiors may not necessarily have more background in a given industry than you.
  5. The genuine mentorship between co-workers as there is always someone looking out for you professionally, intellectually, and socially.
  6. The ease of getting along with everyone in the office since every consultant is a people-person and is just looking to have a good time with everyone else.
  7. The speed of integration into the office culture as I already felt a part of a close-knit friend circle by the end of my short eight-week stay.

Even though I’ve now shared seven different inside scoops, the experience to come is not something that can be spelled out for you, but rather must be experienced individually.  Granted everyone’s experience will be different, each will come with an individual set of key takeaways. Bottom line, if you are someone that likes to be challenged, likes working with people in dynamic environments, and likes to solve real problems that matter, you are in it for a great time here at L.E.K.




Thomas B.