One of the many things that makes L.E.K. unique is the relative ease with which you can transfer between offices. I just transferred to the San Francisco office after spending just over two years in L.E.K. Boston. The process was pretty simple – I emailed our allocations manager, who manages all of the staffing at L.E.K., spent some time deciding on a date that was mutually convenient, signed my transfer letter, and found myself living in San Francisco four months later! I really could not have asked for a better outcome, and without L.E.K.’s help, I’d still be living in Boston.


Now having spent time in four of L.E.K.’s five offices in the U.S., I thought it might be useful to provide an inside look into each of our U.S. offices. Though the L.E.K. culture is very much consistent across the U.S., each office does have its own nuances and quirks. There isn’t a ‘best’ L.E.K. office, and you shouldn’t base your office preference solely on this post, but hopefully you find it helpful to get additional detail on each of our offices:


L.E.K. Boston

This is L.E.K.’s biggest U.S. office, with ~275 professionals. Being in the U.S. hub definitely has its perks, as support functions such as HR, IT, Recruiting, the Info Center, and several other departments that control L.E.K.’s operations across the U.S., all sit in Boston. Working at L.E.K. Boston also has the feel of working for a bigger company, and there is less interaction across varying levels of tenure, something that you more commonly find in smaller L.E.K. offices. Primary industries covered in Boston include life sciences, retail, travel & tourism, energy, industrials, and financial services.


L.E.K. New York

I’ve only been to the L.E.K. New York office once, but it is basically just a smaller version of L.E.K. Boston. Literally – everything looks the same! L.E.K. has about 50 professionals and focuses primarily on healthcare and retail.


L.E.K. Chicago

Similar to New York, I’ve only been to the L.E.K. Chicago office once. Chicago is our second biggest U.S. office, with about 90 professionals. Chicago primarily focuses on construction, energy, industrials, and medical devices.


L.E.K. Los Angeles

The LA office is the only office I’ve never been to within the U.S., so I can’t really speak to the office feel, but my colleagues speak very highly of the Pod system (see my colleague Jordan’s post about the Pods here). LA is the third largest U.S. office, housing nearly 70 professionals, and it is the hub of our Media & Entertainment practice. LA also has a strong presence in life sciences, retail, and financial services.


L.E.K. San Francisco

My new home! L.E.K. San Francisco is the smallest office in the U.S., with ~45 professionals. It’s growing quickly, as we just brought on 10 new people. San Francisco focuses primarily on healthcare, but a life sciences partner recently transferred to San Francisco, so our life sciences practice is gaining a stronger foothold. Additionally, L.E.K.’s growing technology practice is based out of San Francisco.


To learn more about all of these offices, I encourage you to watch the office videos, linked in each of the office names above.