I recently worked on a case within our Life Sciences practice for a pharmaceuticals client that was in the late stages of launching a new drug targeted at a rare disease. Research suggested that the drug could also treat another condition—also known as an indication—in addition to the drug’s primary indication. However, since FDA drug trials are both expensive and time consuming, the client needed to understand whether it would be advantageous to go through additional FDA trials. Therefore, the goal of the case was to evaluate the market opportunity for the additional indication.


My role on the case was to manage the qualitative primary research, so I solicited, scheduled and interviewed leading experts on the indication that was being considered. My conversations focused around reviewing the product’s profile and discussing the hypothetical drug’s strengths and weaknesses as a treatment option for the additional indication. We also discussed existing treatments available to patients as well as the need for new and better treatments. Through these discussions, I aided my team by providing feedback from leading physicians so as to inform our understanding of the market opportunity for the client.


At the end of the case, we presented our findings to the client and determined that the additional indication had a favorable opportunity in the market. Our research gave the client greater confidence in the value of the additional indication and has helped them prioritize their ongoing development efforts across all possible uses for the drug. I look forward to seeing the drug succeed when it enters the market in the future, and I am pleased to know that L.E.K. provided impactful research and advice for a company that strives to increase the standard of care for those living with rare diseases.