Funny you should ask...


There is no shortage of qualities that make this place quite so special. One example is the International opportunities at L.E.K. — more than one-third of all L.E.K. projects are global or have international aspects to them. The chance to work with teams globally is exciting, and the exposure to diverse people and their cultures is irreplaceable. International relocation —temporary or permanent — is an option that many here choose to pursue.


Born to lead? Perfect. It defines L.E.K. Working under the tutelage of senior team members, most first-year associates are quick to take on significant responsibilities. Second- and third-year associates are expected to assume an active role in running projects and mentoring junior team members. And consultants? They frequently manage associates from day one. That means that you’ll get to see more, do more, and get a broader, more diverse experience than your counterparts at the other firms. Quite simply, you’ll learn more, faster.


And then there’s the matter of lifestyle. While an international or travel component may be right for some, always working out of a suitcase is not how we do things here. At L.E.K., you’ll spend most of your time working right where you live. And that also means an opportunity to connect with your peers, and get involved with office social activities and community service programs.

Looking for a different approach to consulting life? Then take the other fork in the road. The one that leads directly to L.E.K.


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