One of the best parts about L.E.K., in my opinion, is the vast array of experiences you get in a short period of time. I’ve been with L.E.K. for over a year now and during the last year, I’ve been on 15 cases! At L.E.K., cases tend to be two to eight weeks long (although there are some exceptions) and Associates are never staffed on more than one case at a time. Here’s why I think that’s important:


(1) Short case length – with shorter projects, you can get more case experiences. While there is a trade-off of not diving as deeply into shorter cases as you would for multi-month cases, I find that the first month of a case can often be the most rewarding part, because it teaches you how to get up-to-speed quickly on industries and topics that you did not know about before. 


(2) Single-staffing model – I absolutely did not appreciate the importance of single-staffing before starting L.E.K. Here at L.E.K., Associates are staffed on only one project at a time. In my experience, I’ve found it very valuable to work with only one manager who can help in prioritizing the work that needs to be done if the amount on your plate is unmanageable. This helps reduce hours and align expectations.