Earlier this month, L.E.K. NYC and SF joined Cycle for Survival in a fight against rare cancer. Cycle for Survival is a nationwide spinning fundraiser where 100% of all donations go directly to rare cancer research at Memorial Sloan Kettering. We formed a team of 22 L.E.K.-ers and as SF’s third year cycling and NY’s first year participating, we collectively raised close to $10,000! The offices, the partner group, the CIC, friends, and family all donated, and our efforts during the event helped raise close to $25M so far in 2017 (and Cycle for Survival events are still happening throughout the country!).

Our teams came together on a Friday night to cycle for 4 hours among many other corporate teams, switching shifts and cheering each other on. Throughout the event, we spun and danced to music, but we also listened to several heartfelt and inspiring stories from rare cancer patients, doctors, and nurses at MSK. Their will to continue to find cures and their stories of hardship and success struck a chord with all of us on the team.

We all had an incredible time at Cycle for Survival. Everyone on the team was invested in the cause and pushed themselves throughout the night. It was exciting, motivating, and one of the most enjoyable fundraisers I’ve participated in at L.E.K. Spinning as a team, especially with those you have not worked with, helped bring people in our office closer together. We will 100% participate again next year, and hopefully beat the 2017 record!