As Associate recruiting in Australia begins in 2015 for positions commencing in 2016, L.E.K. Australia Recruitment Manager Janine Clifford offers answers to some of your frequently asked questions. Not all of your questions may be here. Please reach out to me, the L.E.K. Advisor, through the form to the left of the blog and I will do my best to get answers to your questions. 


Q: What job opportunities are currently available with L.E.K. Australia?

A: We are currently accepting applications from final year students for graduate positions commencing in February 2016.  Associate roles are available in our Sydney and Melbourne offices.


Q: When do applications for the Associate program in Australia close?

A: Our applications close on Sunday March 8, 2015 at 11:55 pm.


Q: Where do I apply?

A: Apply online via and please apply “only once” to the office that is your first preference (Sydney or Melbourne).


Q: To whom should I address my cover letter?

A: Applications should be addressed to Janine Clifford, Recruitment Manager.


Q: What is the interview process?

A: The interview process consists of two rounds. The first round consists of three 30-minute interviews.  Each 30-minute interview is a mix of case, behavioral and fit questions. The case interview helps us gauge your quantitative skills, business logic, strategic thinking and commercial acumen. If you have a successful first round interview, you will be invited to attend a final round dinner and interview in Sydney the following week.  The final round interview will be two 30-minute interviews with Partners. Final round interviews generally focus more so on your experience and fit, but you may also receive a few case-related questions.


Q: Where do the interviews take place?

A: We will be holding first round interviews in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland in the week commencing March 16, 2015. Successful first round candidates will be invited to attend a dinner and final round interview in Sydney the following week from Tuesday March 24 to Thursday March 26, 2015.  Offers will be made by Friday March 27, 2015.


Q: Does L.E.K. Consulting accept applications from applicants needing a work permit?

A: We do accept applications from candidates who require a work permit.


Q: What tips do you have for those invited to attend an interview with L.E.K.?

A: I strongly encourage you to prepare for your interview.  This is particularly important if you have not done a case interview before.  Practice case interviews with friends and class mates in the lead up to the interview.  Case interviews may include a market-sizing exercise or a strategic problem solving exercise these will test your numeracy, logic and analytical skills.  Be confident, be relaxed, but most importantly be yourself.