If you asked me during October 2006, when I first interviewed with L.E.K. as a senior in college, if I would still be with the L.E.K. nearly nine years later, I would have never said yes. I didn’t even know what consulting really was as I applied for the Associate role, but it sounded interesting and I told myself that I should try it out for a year or two. Through the interview process I really enjoyed trying to ‘crack the case’ and when I joined the firm, I found that the projects L.E.K. works on are just like case interview questions--complex problems that you must try to strategically answer by breaking the problem down into a series of sub-questions.


After joining L.E.K. in September 2007 as an Associate, I spent five years with the firm before deciding to go back to school to get my MBA at Tuck. I decided to pursue the MBA to round out my experiences and explore  other careers options at my disposal. During my two years at Tuck I found that I really enjoyed the work I conducted at L.E.K., and the other typical job opportunities available to recent graduates did not compare to the work experience I would receive by returning to the firm as a Consultant.


100 Reasons Why I Returned to L.E.K.
1. Real responsibility… I truly enjoy being responsible for ‘cracking the case’
2. Management experience… As a Consultant, you really develop your management skills by leading a team from day 1
3. Broad case experience… Every case is different given the variety of industries and functional areas L.E.K. works in
4. Intellectual curiosity… Everyone shares a high level of intellectual curiosity which makes working together fun
5. Social activities… Bowling, trivia night, beer cart EVERY Friday
6. …

100. The community… I developed some very close friends at L.E.K. and I have already started to make new close friendships since returning


I’ll spare the full list of 100 reasons, but let’s just say there are a number of other reasons why returning to L.E.K. was the right decision for me. For anyone considering a career change, a job in consulting, or simply a new opportunity that will keep them intellectually challenged, I would definitely recommend learning more about the opportunities at L.E.K.