Proprietary platform delivers next-generation tool for airline predictive analytics

Dublin, Ireland – June 1, 2016 – L.E.K. Consulting, a global management consulting firm, today announced the relaunch of CompetiShare Network Planning Suite at the 2016 annual IATA Annual General Meeting. CompetiShare is a proprietary software platform utilizing state-of-the-art data analytics technology and science, which is designed to help aviation executives optimize the value of their networks.

“The pace and the degree to which the operating environment has shifted in the past five years have rendered unviable the traditional approaches and tools used to determine and predict the market share of proposed route development opportunities,” said John Thomas, managing director and head of L.E.K.’s global Aviation practice. “By incorporating both operational and strategic data, CompetiShare is a new, unique, CEO-oriented tool that provides the level of detail required for fleet planning and network optimization.”

All airlines used to offer a standard level of service, but they have now segmented their offerings into full-service, hybrid and ultra-low-cost options, expanding the customer selection set and intensifying competition among carriers. Even the most advanced QSI tools in the market, which incorporate connectivity, aircraft capacity, flight duration, time of day and a host of other operational data, cannot accurately predict an airline business model’s or partnership change’s true value in today’s environment.

L.E.K. Consulting has combined traditional QSI techniques with more than 30 years of airline industry expertise, and a highly customizable software program to develop the next-generation tool for airline predictive analysis. Airlines on six continents use CompetiShare to support their decision-making at the route or hub level, up to and including multi-network and multi-partner analytics.

“CompetiShare has received strong praise from our clients and much credit goes to John Rutan, consultant, and Tyler Read, senior associate consultant who were instrumental in developing this leading edge network planning tool,” adds Thomas. 

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