L.E.K. Annual Brand Owner Packaging Study

Brand owners, more than ever before, believe that packaging is imperative to selling their products and strengthening their overall brand appeal.

L.E.K. Consulting conducted our sixth annual proprietary US packaging study in the fourth quarter of 2023, in which we analyzed how players in the packaging value chain differentiated their offerings in order to best meet the needs of brand owners and, by extension, their investors. 

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Brand Owner Sentiment Points to Attractive Opportunities for Packaging

L.E.K. surveyed 400 U.S. brand managers and packaging stakeholders across a variety of brand end and sub-markets, types, and sizes to understand their packaging needs and get their views on the trends driving demand.

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The Trends Driving Brand Owners’ Packaging Decisions

Sustainability may mean slightly different things to different people, but nearly all brand owners are making it a priority in their packaging strategies, as evidenced by their plans to continue shifting a significant portion of their total packaging spend to sustainable packaging by 2027. Gain insight into how brand owners are shifting to sustainable packaging strategies for ecommerce.

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Annual Packaging Study: What Happened to SKU Proliferation?

Learn how players in the packaging value chain can differentiate their offerings in order to best meet the needs of brand owners and, by extension, their investors. See our insights into the current SKU dynamics and brand performance in the packaging industry.

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Annual Packaging Study 2023: The Great Stocking/Destocking Saga and Its Aftermath

Brand owners, who since 2019 have been increasing their inventory levels in a bid to decrease risk, largely expect their inventory levels to return to pre-COVID-19 levels in 2024 as demand growth recalibrates and supply chain issues subside. Learn how brand owners are addressing their evolving industry by positioning themselves strategically within the packaging value chain.

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Navigating US Packaging Trends: The Current Opportunities for Brand Owners

Professionals are investing in the US packaging sector with a significant focus on leveraging promising opportunities for growth. Follow along as L.E.K. Partners Thilo Henkes, Jeff Cloetingh and Jon Moss discuss key insights from our latest US packaging study with guest Roger Zellner.

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