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In this discussion, we dive into the world of brand packaging, examining the responses from a thorough survey amongst over 400 brand managers. The episode is led by the expertise of L.E.K. Consulting managing directors Thilo Henkes, Jon Moss and Jeff Cloetingh, as well as Roger Zellner, who analyze the balancing act between innovative packaging solutions and the unfolding pressures of inflation. The conversation explores the far-reaching implications of protective packaging innovation, the pivot towards sustainability in the industry, the necessity of SKU rationalisation, and the nuanced impact of packaging on consumer experiences.

Key Points/Topics Covered:

  • The evolving panorama of protective packaging innovation and digital tools enhancing brand experience and supply chain efficiency.
  • The delicate dance brand owners face in managing packaging, ingredients, freight, and transport costs during periods of significant inflation.
  • The drive towards sustainability in packaging, with brand owners hastening investment to meet consumer expectations and industry benchmarks.
  • The strategic considerations behind SKU rationalisation efforts, aimed at streamlining the supply chain and boosting profitability, yet still fostering packaging innovation.

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Connect with our experts:

  • Thilo Henkes, Managing Director, L.E.K. Consulting
  • Jeff Cloetingh, Managing Director, L.E.K. Consulting
  • Jon Moss, Managing Director, L.E.K. Consulting
  • Roger Zellner, Former Director of R&D Packaging, Mondelez International (Current Advisory Board Garlock Flexibles & Industry Consultant)

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