Hear from L.E.K. Consulting experts about key events and trends in the healthcare services sector in 2021, from the kickoff of CMS’ Direct Contracting program to increased home care services in the face of COVID-19 and more.

This webinar was presented on January 21, 2021 and addresses the following topics:

  • The Biden Administration will do what it can  — Even with narrow Democrat control of the Senate, the new administration will face difficulty expanding health coverage and will likely focus on bipartisan policies and/or those passable via executive order.
  • CMS’ Direct Contracting program launch  — “Plan Year 1,” which begins in April 2021, could manage the care of the ~35 million seniors and has the potential to meaningfully impact the growth trajectory of each successful direct contracting entity (DCE).
  • The continued proliferation of capitation — Outside of Medicare fee-for-service, value-based models will continue displacing traditional fee-for-service as capitation spreads geographically as well as among patient populations and conditions.
  • Expansion of home care services — Models of care are forecast to become increasingly advanced in the face of COVID-19, in the form of telehealth services, remote monitoring and a range of in-person support services.
  • Advances in behavioral health — Increased coverage, shifting attitudes and gaps exposed by COVID-19, along with new technologies and provider professionalization, are expected to simultaneously create an increase in supply and demand and a need for integrated behavioral health support. 

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