Omnichannel engagement has the power to transform the way pharmaceutical companies engage with their customers and other key stakeholders, making interactions more meaningful, valuable and impactful for both sides.

In this on-demand webinar, hosted by L.E.K. Consulting in collaboration with Loop Horizon, we share insights on driving transformation through omnichannel engagement. Our panel of industry experts include:

• Elliot Antrobus-Holder, Global Head of Omnichannel, Gilead Sciences
• Chris Field, Managing Director, Loop Horizon Health
• Geoffrey Allars, Senior Manager, Sales Force and Marketing Excellence, Amgen Australia
• Glenn Cross, Marketing and Sales Effectiveness Head, APMA, Novartis
• Stephanie Newey, Partner, L.E.K. Consulting 

The session addresses key questions about omnichannel engagement, such as:

• What is the biggest impact on accelerating omnichannel capability through an organization?
• What are the benefits for sales teams and what are the barriers to overcome?
• What critical building blocks are required to enable data-informed insights?
• What is the minimum technological baseline to get started with omnichannel engagement? 

Watch the replay for ways to bring omnichannel to life. 

Learn more in this article we authored in partnership with Loop Horizon and CI&T: 

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