In this first edition we observe how public transport patronage across Australia has continued to grow for most modes compared to a year ago. We can also see how our measures of punctuality show a range of variability across different modes and cities. However punctuality is generally continuing to improve showing a multi-year trend (in particular Melbourne’s rail system). Historically, the number of public transport trips in Australia has grown faster than population growth and at an even faster rate when compared to private transport (e.g., car). We expect this modal shift to continue.

As Australia’s population grows notably to denser urban areas and the modal shift away from cars continues, the demand for public transport continues to increase. That’s a positive development: a well-utilised and efficient public transport system plays a vital role in our community. It brings economic gains, through cost savings from reduced congestion, as well as improved job creation and competitiveness. Public transport in Australia is provided to the community as a heavily subsidised service.

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