Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming healthcare and the way we discover and develop new medicines. Applying AI and machine learning to the vast amounts of scientific, clinical and real-world medical data being generated, is already allowing us to do in silico what was previously done in the lab or in the clinic, dramatically shortening the time and reducing the cost for bringing a drug to market. This paradigm shift in drug discovery and development presents an opportunity for Singapore to expand its AI focus to drug development to boost its competitiveness in biotech and establish itself as a global AI healthcare brand. However, Singapore must act quickly to build a successful and sustainable AI life sciences ecosystem.

In this Special Report, we examine Singapore’s AI healthcare and biopharma strategy, and its competitive edge in AI drug development to design the country's vision for AI in medical sciences. In addition, the report details how Singapore can overcome the challenges of adopting AI in the drug development process to lift the entire biotechnology ecosystem, nurture a highly skilled AI talent pool and increase the city-state’s attractiveness to potential investors.

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