After more than 25 years of investment, commercialization of gene therapies (GTs) has reached a pivotal point. Four GTs have launched in the U.S. and Europe, and biopharma companies are following up this success with additional GTs in clinical development in indications outside oncology. 

As GTs mature, biopharma companies continue to develop strategies that optimize their ability to improve patients’ lives and drive commercial opportunity. Two key dimensions influence commercialization — the level of competition and patient epidemiology — and together these dimensions can be used to segment GTs into four archetypes.

Depending on which archetype best represents a development-stage GT, biopharma companies must consider several factors to improve their positioning in a competitive market. Furthermore, based on market entry timing, companies in each archetype must evaluate their position and define solutions to derive benefits from these assets for both patients and company stakeholders.

In this Special Report on the emerging non-oncology GT market, we present key success factors and strategic considerations by archetype that a biopharma company should assess when faced with competition to its GT. Successfully addressing these considerations can support biopharma companies’ efforts to effectively position themselves to deliver patient benefits and generate value in the GT field.

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