To meet the growing healthcare needs of the APAC region, MedTech companies have stepped up their role in healthcare provision through service innovation, education and digitisation to support better service integration and enable more seamless end-to-end patient care. In 2021, APACMed member companies formed a Working Group on Health Services and undertook a landscape scan of existing range of services and solutions provided by the MedTech industry. The results were presented in the paper “Health Services in APAC — Opportunities, Challenges and the Path to Progress: Insights from MedTech” in partnership with L.E.K. Consulting.

A series of discussions were held with stakeholders to better understand the role MedTech companies could play in addressing some of the existing gaps in healthcare systems today. From these discussions, stakeholders agreed that a critical area with challenges and unmet needs in the APAC region, where MedTech service providers could play an important role, was chronic disease management.

This summary report aims to bring together insights from these discussions and chart the path forward for MedTech companies in the role of health service providers in chronic disease management.

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