Healthcare Delivery Reinvention Through Digital
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digitalize existing business models
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Technology continues to drive disruptive change in every industry, including that for healthcare providers in the Asia-Pacific region. The combination of new technologies, surging investment and dramatic increases in internet and broadband access is resulting in better user experiences and better capabilities — at the price of severe disruption in business and operational models. However, that disruption is likely to lead to opportunities. Industry leaders should plan now to counter threats and seize the moment.

Technology-driven change can be hard to anticipate. Technology adoption happens in phases. Industries tend first to digitize existing business models, well before the real reinvention happens. The complete rethinking of business models typically happens at a later stage.

But APAC healthcare providers are making progress and transitioning toward Industry 2.0 even outside their traditional core. Healthcare leaders should prepare for long-term changes, including increased focus on digital provision of care, “consumerization,” digitization of healthcare that mirrors app-driven evolution in other industries, and deregulation and reimbursement changes that favor wellness, prevention and remote healthcare services. 

The road to full digitization of APAC hospitals is still long. However, opportunities are already emerging and will continue to emerge as the digital reinvention of the industry continues. Now is the time to look beyond traditional definitions and traditional boundaries and plan to create the new offerings that digital platforms will enable. 

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