SEA consumer insights on business recover
combined COVID-19 SEA study with Lucid
SEA COVID-19 Consumer Study summary
Cases in SEA continue to rise
GDP forecast impact to pandemic
nuanced view of pandemic on disease stages
first survey income results
first COVID-19 SEA survey consumption patterns
at home consumption categories gained
interest in pre-COVID-19 consumption patterns returning
South East Asia lock-downs eased
income damage from lockdown persists
consumers worried about fiances and savings
increase in cautious consumer mobility
grocery, skincare and electronics spend expectations
recovery framework speed and shape
grocery expenditure during COVID-19
consumer healthcare products elevated sales
elective procedures at SEA hospitals
hospital traffic recovery quick expectations
Education spend decrease
beauty products and services bounce back expectation
restaurant industry slow recovery
large impact on travel and tourism industry
real estate impact from COVID-19
ecommerce share gain expectations
healthcare sales remain elevated in SEA
COVID-19 recovery misalignment

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