COVID-19 Impact on US Consumers
consumer perspectives on COVID-19
COVID-19 has and will
continue to impact consumers’
usage of healthcare services
Nearly 60% of patients did
While some consumers were
Most respondents delayed
~90% of respondents who delayed
~65% of respondents
healthcare perceptions and behaviors
usage of various sites of care
A lower percentage of respondents
Given in-person visits
COVID-19 has and will continue
safety demands from patients
There is still significant discomfort
greatest impact on patient comfort
Even with all safety measures
impact consumers’ healthcare perceptions
expected behavioral changes
~55% of respondents indicate
Respondents expect to return
although only ~60% of respondents
Respondents indicate that they
and the majority of respondents
Respondents also indicate
impact consumers’ healthcare perceptions
telehealth expectations in the future
The vast majority of respondents
~45% of respondents indicate
A higher copay for telehealth
Respondents indicate moderate
Survey demographics
COVID-19 Consumer Survey team
COVID-19 Consumer Survey Disclaimer

Survey results: July 1-6, 2020

L.E.K. Consulting’s COVID-19 Impact on US Consumer Intended Healthcare Usage survey offers a glimpse into how a pandemic has changed the general population’s sentiment on healthcare and resulting behavior. This survey includes questions on current and anticipated usage of healthcare, patient comfort across treatment settings, anticipated behavioral changes, and the future outlook of telehealth.

This survey reflects results from July 1-6, 2020. The sample size is approximately 1,150 U.S. healthcare consumers. 

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From the senior members of the U.S. L.E.K. Consulting MedTech and Healthcare Services teams:

Monish Rajpal, Managing Director
Jonas Funk, Managing Director
Noor Abdel-Samed, Managing Director
Kevin Grabenstatter, Managing Director
Wiley Bell, Managing Director
Ilya Trakhtenberg, Managing Director
Sheila Shah, Principal
Eamon Almeida, Engagement Manager
Elle Steichen, Senior Associate Consultant 
David Li, Associate Consultant 
Dhruv Patel, Associate

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