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Welcome to another episode of the L.E.K. Insight Exchange podcast, where we discuss the latest insights and ideas that are shaping the business landscape. In today's episode, our experts dive deep into the evolving U.S. healthcare delivery system and explore the potential changes that lie ahead. 

Today's host, L.E.K. Managing Director Frazer Dorey, is joined by three industry experts: Dr. Stephen Mansfield and L.E.K. Managing Directors Rozy Vig and Kevin Grabenstatter. Together, they share their insights on the current state of the U.S. healthcare provider landscape and offer their perspectives on how it might transform by 2035. 

Three key topics covered in this episode are: 

  • Value-based care: The panel examines the growing traction of value-based care and its potential to drive positive change in healthcare pricing, quality and access. Our experts discuss the challenges associated with implementing value-based care initiatives and the need for a shift in treating chronically ill patients. 
  • Transitioning to value-based care: With fee-for-service reimbursement still a significant source of revenue for hospitals and health systems, our experts discuss how executives in the healthcare industry should approach the transition to value-based care. They emphasize the importance of embracing this new model and encouraging physicians to follow proven care pathways. 
  • Consolidation and new players: The conversation explores the trend of consolidation in the healthcare industry as well as the entry of new players into the provider landscape. The panel considers the implications of these changes and the role of scale in managing risk effectively. 

Join us for valuable insights from our panel of esteemed experts as we delve into this discussion on the future of the U.S. healthcare provider landscape and the potential impact of value-based care.

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