U.S. surgical procedures continue to shift to ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs). From 2019 to 2023, ASC procedure volume and revenue grew approximately 2%-3% per year and about 6%-7% per year, respectively, outpacing procedure growth in hospital settings. L.E.K. Consulting has been closely tracking this evolution and is pleased to release its 2024 ASC Insights Study. Our survey combines data from a survey of approximately 150 ASC owners and administrators, learnings from ASC-focused L.E.K. projects, and an in-depth analysis of public ASC landscape and expenditure data to outline key trends and evolutions in the ASC landscape as well as their implications for the U.S. healthcare system.  

The attached report shares key findings and data that healthcare provider organizations can use to inform the development and deployment of a robust ASC strategy. The report:  

  • Reinforces the criticality of ASC strategies for provider organizations  
  • Provides insight into where to focus development efforts (in terms of specialties, geographies, etc.)
  • Shares data to help contextualize the ASC market entry options available to provider organizations  
  • Outlines opportunities to differentiate and win
  • Makes clear the need for a data-driven approach to ASC strategy development and shares L.E.K.’s observations and approach  

Read the attached summary report here.

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Developing a Winning ASC Strategy in Medtech: L.E.K.’s 2024 ASC Insights Study
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Our 2024 ASC Insights Study delves into market segmentation, market growth, strategic priorities, Medtech partnerships and the need for a winning ASC strategy.

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