This is the fourth L.E.K. Consulting survey of healthcare decision-makers across key hospitals in the APAC region that includes South Korea, China, Japan, India and Southeast Asia. The goal is to gain a broader, deeper understanding of their strategic priorities and purchasing behaviors within a complex and challenging environment, specifically with regard to investment in medical technologies. Our survey found that healthcare leaders recognize the value of Medtech solutions, technology in general and digitalization for strengthening their capabilities and remaining resilient throughout tough times and within increasingly challenging market, social and geopolitical conditions.

When it comes to procurement and optimizing the supply chain, medtechs can help hospitals achieve their goals with operational improvement support, supply chain management and refining digital engagement channels. The analysis found that by providing the latest innovations, tools, resource optimization capabilities and solutions to refine staff efficiencies, medtech companies can become invaluable partners and allies to the hospitals and regions they serve.

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