The success of ride-sharing service Uber has led both business thinkers and hopeful venture capitalists to gleefully predict the “Uberization” of a whole host of industries, from healthcare to food delivery.

One sector that many have hailed as a slam dunk for Uber-like disintermediation is the trucking industry. After all, trucking is essentially about getting cargo from point A to point B, just like the taxi industry. Based on this logic, a lot of money has already gone into startups seeking to replicate Uber’s success in this space. Indeed, Uber itself, with the recent launch of Uber Freight, has indicated that it believes it can use its model to transform the trucking industry. 

In this Executive Insights, L.E.K. Consulting compares the differences between taxis and trucking and analyzes the conditions that need to be present in order for an Uber-like model to be successful.

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