The agribusiness industry is undergoing a period of considerable change across numerous fronts. From changing consumer food preferences, and related shifts toward “clean-label” products, to sustained low commodity prices for farmers, to the recent surge in Ag Tech development and adoption, the agribusiness sector finds itself in the midst of enormous changes and dynamic trends that will continue to shape how food is grown, raised and produced for years to come.

Among numerous forces at play across the agribusiness value chain, we have identified nine key trends that are driving transformation within the industry. These trends touch virtually every part of the agricultural value chain, including growers, input suppliers/distributors, processors and investors, and are relevant to crops and animal proteins alike.

While these trends are complex — with many interdependencies and differential degrees of impact, depending on where across the “farm-to-fork” chain one chooses to look —this Executive Insights delves into each trend and its respective impact on the industry based on L.E.K. Consulting’s experience.

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