L.E.K. Consulting research of key decision makers in over 300 public and private sector hospitals in France, Germany and the U.K. highlights an expected increase in technology investment over the next five years.

Hospitals in Germany and the U.K. expect to see improved finances over this period and investment is expected to increase as a result. The picture is more nuanced in France, with pressure on budgets and a resulting need to restructure weighing on expectations for budgetary improvement.

Investing in joined-up technology and digitisation is a priority, with an emphasis on deploying electronic health record systems (EHR), new services such as telehealth, and IT infrastructure. Hospitals in France also have a focus on improving booking and other patient administrative systems, and retain a strong focus on cost control.

In this Executive Insights we explain how this new environment, alongside benefitting hospitals, provides significant opportunities for medical devices and digital health companies and their investors.

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