Food shoppers in the United States today are much less trustful of major food companies than in the past, and less likely to accept established brands as guarantees of wholesomeness or quality. Instead, a growing number of consumers are looking beyond the logo to seek out products containing basic, natural ingredients delivered through simplified, transparent supply chains.

Mass-market food companies now have an opportunity to evolve and capitalize on this trend, and take the farm-to-fork movement into the mainstream. In this new Executive Insights, L.E.K. Consulting’s Stuart Jackson, Manny Picciola and Maria Steingoltz argue that it will be cutting edge innovations in food science, packaging, marketing and distribution that will fully monetize the farm-to-fork promise. Big Food is uniquely well-positioned to offer the attributes of fresh, natural products that consumers seek while also realizing the same economics and supply-chain efficiencies that have made them the profitable giants they are today.

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