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Digital health has become one of those terms that mean everything and nothing at the same time. However, while opinions are varied on the exact impact and role digital health solutions will have on the healthcare ecosystem going forward, there is solid agreement that we all need to embrace digital in both clinical and nonclinical settings.  How to do this, however, and which companies will be able to do so successfully, still remains to be seen.

This is why we’re honored to be joined by Steve Sweeny and Sherie Zhou from to talk about their company’s solutions and how they’ve been able to successfully implement their digital vision and — importantly — why it’s working.

This episode explores how digital solutions, specifically AI-enabled workflows, are revolutionizing the healthcare industry. Steve and Sherie, experts in the field, discuss the pressing issue of improving patient access to care and the challenges faced by providers and life sciences companies. They delve into real-life case studies where AI and digital tools have played a crucial role in diagnosing, triaging and coordinating care for patients, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes and increased market development opportunities for the industry.
Our guests share compelling case studies, including their work in ischemic stroke, cryptogenic stroke and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. They also discuss how their AI-enabled solutions have revolutionized patient outcomes - by reducing diagnosis times from years to months - and the impact on improved care coordination.

Throughout the episode, our guests stress the importance of clinical workflows and the collaboration between AI and healthcare professionals. They address concerns about privacy and data security and highlight the need for AI to complement, not replace, human expertise. Ultimately, their goal is to empower clinicians, streamline processes and enhance the patient experience.

After listening to this episode, consider the various ways AI and digital solutions are transforming the healthcare industry. Share this episode with others to spread awareness of the potential benefits of and advancements in improving patient access to care.

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