Background and challenge

The client, a global provider of environmental management solutions, sought a comprehensive digital transformation strategy. The primary goal was to discern and implement pivotal initiatives that would significantly enhance operational efficiency and capitalise on emerging opportunities.

In response to this mandate, L.E.K. Consulting was entrusted with the responsibility of conducting a thorough analysis of potential opportunities within the client’s value chain. Our objective was to ascertain the most effective methods for realising tangible benefits and to augment the client’s proficiency in prioritising and executing digital initiatives.


To address this complex challenge, our approach at L.E.K. was multifaceted:

  • Conducted an in-depth examination of the client’s value chain, focusing on how existing processes and tools either contribute to business efficacy or create bottlenecks
  • Undertook a critical assessment of the client’s current digital infrastructure and explored optimal solutions, ranging from in-house development to system procurement, including the integration of new processes with existing systems to support solving key identified challenges
  • Segmented and evaluated the commercial viability of various opportunities, categorising them into immediate gains, foundational enablers and long-term prospects
  • Developed a strategic delivery plan, encompassing initiatives across the organisation, underpinned by a methodology designed to maximise capacity utilisation
  • Identified immediate opportunities to derive benefits, laying the groundwork for more substantial future investments


L.E.K. provided our client with a cohesive, prioritised digital transformation roadmap. This plan not only sets the stage for ongoing initiative prioritisation and execution, but it also incorporates a robust framework for capacity management. This framework is complemented by a systematic approach to solution definition and considerations for partnering in implementation.

The insights and tools provided by L.E.K. empowered our client to execute impactful initiatives in parallel with achieving quick wins. This strategic approach ensures a dynamic and continuous evaluation of digital opportunities in the years ahead, positioning our client at the forefront of digital innovation in environmental management.  

The authors would like to acknowledge L.E.K.’s Digital Practice member Alex Evans for his support and effort in this case.

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