Background and challenge

A provider of infrastructure services to customers in the telecommunications, gas utility, pipeline and civil/electrical services industries needed support for its sell-side process. The company installs utility infrastructure and provides related maintenance and repair services in more than 15 U.S. states, primarily in the Southwest and Southeast regions. The client engaged L.E.K. Consulting to assess its addressable market size, growth rate, value chain, competitive landscape and growth opportunities.

Approach and recommendations

First, we sized the company’s total addressable market and expected growth rate, with particular focus on its core end markets, including telecom and gas utility distribution. We also assessed its business resilience to recession and created a revenue model, by end market, to determine how it would perform in different economic environments. In addition, we conducted an online survey and more than 40 interviews with individuals from different end markets, which enabled us to map out our client’s competitive positioning to clarify its strengths and weaknesses. We then outlined potential organic expansion opportunities into adjacent and related service categories and other geographies, and we found potential areas for inorganic growth via strategic add-on acquisitions.

Based on our insights, we provided an updated regulatory framework identifying how the company could take advantage of new federal regulation-based drivers within its market. We also offered solutions for maintaining existing customers while attracting new ones from larger national competitors by highlighting the company’s consistent high-quality services, regular communication and timely completion of projects. These actions would significantly increase our client’s market share and competitiveness.


Our in-depth assessment verified our client’s market share across several segments and showcased its relative positioning and competitors within its markets. This review also validated the company’s commitment to high-quality service and identified service areas where it could expand to gain market share. Finally, our analysis identified potential growth opportunities as well as regulations that would further drive a need for the company’s services. We laid out our findings in an executive report designed to support the company’s sell-side process.

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